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A small wind turbine system for urban use in private households as well as in industrial usage.

Around this windgenerator there is a stand-alone solution for off-grid use, a certified feed-in inverter and a charging solution for e-mobility.


Performance and design are not mutually exclusive.


Our idea was to optimize the well known technology of a Savonius turbine.

By using an integrated centrifugal mass we are gaining valuable additional power.

In our own wind tunnel we optimized the geometry of the wind turbine for the usage in urban environment.

At the end, the wind, the drive and the laws of physics are still marking limits. The efficiency and performance over time gave us the ability to create something special. We also supply Controllers in combination with Solar Panels.


We decided to move on alternative and innovative ways. Therefore we were looking for innovative materials for our products.

For our wind turbine „Rocket“ we are using wood.

By using natural resources we can reduce our costs and keep our product environmentally friendly.



Wood is one of the most durable materials.


And in addition it is also a design object because every wooden structure is unique.


Patent number 002216614-0001 and 002216614-0002

Performance and size.


Wind turbines are now specified as in photovoltaics with kWp or peak power.

Right here we have scheduled with our development.


In short: Our small wind turbine produce in our latitudes

Than is just 8 watts less  than a wind turbine which is twice as large and three times as heavy.


Of course, a large wind turbine with a corresponding wind speed will produce more power than our little one.

But when is this the case? The wind distribution according to Rayleigh shows the average wind speeds.

And why not install more wind turbines? For better value for money and more profit.


A wind turbine must be optimized and are not advertised with peak power during a storm.




strong substructure



virtually indestructible

An off-grid solution to charge a electric motorbike


Savonius wind turbines

 are a type of vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT), used for converting the force of the wind into torque on a rotating shaft.

Because of the different curvature of the wing moving into the wind and the wing moving with the wind the Savonius turbine starts to spin.


Our test device had a total wing area of ​​2m2.

The resistance rotor has a winding 180 ° surface


There was no flow passage in-between the wings (Source: Sigurd Savonius, The WING = ROTOR in Theory and Practice Page 11)

The measurement results in the tables consider no friction and alternator losses.

The tip speed ratio was calculated and is 0.8.


We would like to point out that published performance values ​​that are higher than our measurement results are often argued by the acquisition of gusts and an unnecessary yaw system.


This argumentation is not valid as long you plan to use a battery system for energy storage. Batteries are not able to handle energy peeks due to their inertia.

Our controller device is equipped with a high speed response buffer unit which has the capability to store every energy peek from any gust.


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