New electrical engine controller

New wind controller

New drivetrain








April 2016

New system for dynamic wireless charging.


Charge while driving (fine example are electrical gokart, they can run on much smaller batteries,  continuously

Charging without taking the battery from of the System, (some systems require to take the battery out for charging.


February 2016

Battery Storage from 50KW/h up to several MegaWatt.


Second life battery business started


New Engine and controller released, better heat management and 3 times more power


Sept. 2015  Speedcharger for Batterypacks.


DIY available for Wind / Solar / Storage & E-mobility.

Kit´s, Components, Drawings, Software





June 2015 reinvention has started.



June 2015

we are proud to have Berra Marcusson at Gotland with our Electric Bike´s and Loading Station

(Wind / Solar)

There you can ride with a professional Rally Paris Dakar Driver.








February 2015

Completed the test laboratory and simulation for battery´s.

No we are able to simulate a wide range of parameters for battery system.

A full logging for single cell behaving in real time including BMS monitoring is now possible.

Because of customer requirement we had to proof existing Battery assemblies for the application.


Here we simulate along the product i.e.  distance, speed, time, temperature, charging, recuperation, SOC. cutoff, cycles, aging....


As power recuperation (from a breaking car, where the electric engine is used as a generator) is very sensitive problem when the cell´s are already full or not accepting high charging currents.





January 2015


Solar concentrating Modules

Dual axis tracking

Battery system for wind & solar










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