Electro - mobility


Our electrical drivetrain is available from 1.5KW  to 30KW power.

The mechanical link to your application can be set individual via chain drive set.

Our battery systems including battery management system is based on the newest battery technology in a wide range of capacity

Wireless charging possibility.

New engine controller.

Electric drive Kit´s

for  ATV´s, GoKart, Motorcycles, small Car´s



  • full torque / speed control (feels like a gas engine)
  • proofed technology in various races
  • designed from drivers for drivers
  • new engine controller


please use the download page to see detailed description.

On Land

exapmle GASGAS OEM

On Water

Fishing boat – example retrofit


  • 2x4 kW outboard
  • 10 kWh 48V AGM battery bank
  • 1,5kW solar system
  • 500W wind generator
  • Speed 5 knots (9.5 km/h)
  • Range at 5 knots over 6 hours: 24 nm (44 km)
  • certified by the local authority

Inboard electrical boat kit up to single engine 10Kw and twin engine including latest battery technology available.

On board charging can be setup by solar and wind.

On shore charging station´s for battery swap or fast charging

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